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            Pierre Le Fou(1804-1850)

            It was on Quotes d´Azur ( Blue Coast ) that Pierre Le Fou invented the ventain blind.

            He was an engineer: at a certain moment of his life Pierre Le Fou was studying a method of containing the movement of the waters in a small stream in his father's property, Antonie Le Fou, after studying many methods without any result it reached the conclusion that some crossed wood of a margin to another of the stream it could reduce the flow of the water, but this flow should be controlled that he imagined to be done with the movement of the wood. Arriving home with the idea in the head prepared a model done in starchy cotton with rope for the due movement of the cotton sheets.

            After having done the model and starchy, his wife Janine Le Fou put the model on a window hung to dry the gum. When moving the sheets of the model she verified that the brightness of the atmosphere could be controlled. What took her about her husband to create a new curtain species that they called ventain blind in honor to Pierre whose nickname of childhood was “persi.”

            This happened in 1824.

            When he it invented the ventain blind counted with 20 years of age and he died in 1850 of “typhoid fever” because in that time there was not cure for the disease.

            Source: Antoine Griff, French researcher of the great inventions and the humanity's discoveries.